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v1.6 Release Notes

February 13, 2021

We’re very excited to announce the release of Optyx v1.6 and support for an even wider range of devices!

M1 Support

Apple released their latest lineup of Macbooks at the end of 2020 with custom Apple-built processors known as the M1 chip. Older versions of Optyx used advanced instructions that these processors didn’t support, but the engineering team worked dilligently to construct a compatibility layer to enable this so quickly.

optyx m1
Optyx now works on Apple M1 devices.

Microsoft SmartScreen Improvements

Optyx downloads on Windows should no longer trigger Microsoft SmartScreen filtering warnings thanks to extended verification and a renewed partnership with our parent company. If you see any further anti-virus or malware alerts for Optyx, please let our team know at support@optyx.app.

Let us know what you think and happy culling!

PS - Have more ideas on what would take your Optyx experience to the next level? Drop us a line at feedback@optyx.app or checkout our public roadmap.

Written by Patrick Hulce, Patrick is the founder of Eris Ventures and principal software engineer of Optyx.