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Lightroom Plugin (alpha)

April 24, 2020

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve unveiled the alpha version of our Lightroom plugin! Optyx Pro users can get started using the Optyx Connector for Lightroom immediately using the official download link on your Optyx Pro receipt.


Optyx was designed from the ground up to work in tandem with Lightroom even without a plugin. A vast majority of the scenarios the plugin offers can be accomplished using the standalone app. However, the Optyx Connector does provide a few unique features:

  • Autocull photos without leaving Lightroom.
  • Set “Flagged/Rejected” state in Lightroom through Optyx “Picked” results.
  • Automatically create a new shoot and begin Optyx import with one click.

Screenshot of the Optyx Connector being added to Lightroom

Screenshot of the Optyx Connector being used

Let us know what you think and happy culling!

Written by Patrick Hulce, Patrick is the founder of Eris Ventures and principal software engineer of Optyx.